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How to Clean a Porta Potty

The porta-potty or portable toilet is often the butt of jokes from comedians. But this portable toilet, housed in its own sturdy plastic outhouse, makes it possible to enjoy some semblance of civilized plumbing facilities even while working at construction sites or attending festivals, fairs and events located in more rustic settings.

Most porta-potty units contain both a urinal as well as a sit-down toilet attached to a waste tank, along with a sink dispensing gray water for hand washing operated by a foot pump, a toilet paper dispenser, soap and paper towels and sometimes hand sanitizers.

The job of cleaning a porta-potty to keep it in sanitary working condition may not be the most glamorous job on the planet, but it is an important one, nonetheless. large units used by a large number of people should be cleaned at minimum on a weekly basis, depending upon the volume of usage. Individual travel-sized porta-potties should be given a cleaning on a daily basis to minimize odors.

Wear protection

Since you are dealing with human waste, it’s important to wear eye protection, disposable gloves and limit your skin exposure while going about your cleaning chores. Some people also wear a disposable shower cap to protect their hair.

Use proper cleaning supplies

A quick swipe with a damp cloth just won’t cut it when cleaning a porta-potty. Use a disinfectant that contains a degreaser in a spray bottle and apply the solution to the walls, floor, toilet seat and toilet cover, just about all surfaces that a person might come into contact with. Vacuum up the toilet paper and waste out of the holding tank for proper disposal. Then hose down the unit with hot water and let dry completely before spraying with a scented disinfectant with a pleasant scent such as lemon or citrus which will counteract the aroma of feces and urine.

Cleaning traveling porta-potties

If your porta potty is designed for singular use while boating or camping, the same cleaning rules apply in terms of wearing protection, wiping down everything with disinfectant, and disposing of the waste tank either by pouring into a regular toilet for flushing or pouring it into a heavy duty plastic container or bag for later disposal if you are out in the wild. Usually the unit detaches into two pieces so you can reach the waste container more easily prior to hosing down both pieces with clean water and reattaching both pieces for future use.

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