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How to Clean an Air Hockey Table

Family rooms, basements, and garages across America house one of the most sacred of all arcade games, and that is the air hockey table. Eventually, your air hockey game will need cleaning to maintain a good playing surface. Four good methods exist for cleaning air hockey tables.

Vacuum the Surface

The first method of cleaning an air hockey table is to vacuum the playing surface. Make sure the table is unplugged. You can use a strong household vacuum cleaner or a more powerful shop vac. This method will remove dust in the air holes. Locate the fan motor mounted underneath the air hockey table and aim the vacuum hose at it. Take a damp cloth and gently wipe the playing surface. Vacuum the bottoms of the goalie mallets too or replace the felt if needed.

Cloth and Polish

The second method of cleaning an air hockey table top is to arm yourself with a can of furniture polish and a lint free cloth. Spray directly onto the cloth and wipe the air hockey table gently. Car wax can be used, just apply with circular motions. Buff lightly with a clean cloth when dry. Polish the pucks to keep them slick and dirt free too.

Glass Cleaner

The third method of keeping an air hockey table clean is to spray a clean cloth with glass cleaner. Gently wipe the air hockey playing surface. Do a spot check in the corner of the table to be sure the cleaner won’t make colors bleed or fade. This is the fastest method and gives the tabletop a nice shine as well.

Protecting the Surface

The last method is to cover the air hockey table top after each use. Thick plastic sheeting cut to size works well. You could also use a light weight plywood cut to size and sanded smooth. Plywood covers are easier to handle when cut into two equal sections. Install cheap handles on the plywood and it becomes that much easier to lift the covers on and off. Plexi glass also works in the same way as plywood. You could even drape a tablecloth over the air hockey table to keep it clean as well. Avoid the temptation to clutter the air hockey table with things. You want the surface to remain ready to play.

Using any of these four methods of vacuuming, polishing, wiping, and covering your air hockey table will help keep it in good shape for those good times.

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