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How to Remove Tar from Your Skin

If you have ever done any roofing work at all, then you know what it feels like to have tar stuck to your skin. Interestingly enough you can even get tar on your skin at the beach. For those of you who know this feeling, then you also know how defeating it is to try to wash it off with regular soap and water. In this article, I will give you some tips about how to remove tar from your skin.


Naturally, the easiest way to remove tar from your skin is not to get it on you. This is often easier said than done but there are some measures that you can take to lessen the amount that you get on you. The easiest way to avoid getting tar on you is to wear gloves and long sleeves. It is also helpful to use tools to spread your tar.

Nail Polish Remover

If you have tar on your skin take some nail polish remover and a washcloth and rub the area where the tar is. Once the tar is gone there will still be a bit of a stain, simply add more nail polish remover and the stain will come off.


This should only be used if the tar is on your hands, and you will defiantly want to be safe with this idea, for example, no open flames or children around, and clean up your mess when you are done. Pour some gasoline in a bowl and wash your hands off. The gasoline will take the tar off your hands quickly. This method should only be done if you have a lot of tar stuck to your skin. Once you have washed off using the gasoline, make sure to safely dispose of the extra gas that is left over, and then wash again in hot soapy water.

Although it may look impossible to get off, when you have it on your skin, it is very easy. As an added suggestion baby oil also works well for removing tar from your skin. Once you read these suggestions, the question of how to remove tar from your skin is not that hard after all.

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