About Me

Hi.  I am Betsy Cline and I am here to give you all the wonderful tips and tricks I have learned about cleaning over the years.  You see, I have always been a cleaner, even growing up.  We had no mother and there were 5 of us kids raised by our father. 

While he did his best, he certainly was in over his head and dealing with the loss of our mother at the same time.  I was the oldest and took on the role of mom, nanny, house cleaner, chef, and just about anything else that needed to be done around the house.  Dad worked many long hours at a local body shop, fixing cars.  He would get home some nights pretty late but was always grateful for my help.  Often, he didn’t even know all that I had done for that day while completing school and taking care of my 4 siblings.  

While I grew up without a mother, I was 10 years old when she passed.  She was in a horrible car accident that would change our lives forever.  Meanwhile, I would come to know our next-door neighbor Donna that would be my saving grace.  When things would get to be too much or I just needed help with how to do something Donna was always right there for me.  She taught me how to wash clothes properly and not throw everything in at one time.  She was really an inspiring woman that helped form me into the mother I am today.

Cleaning Tips

Today, I have taken those cleaning tips and used them in my own home.  I am now grown with four kids of my very own.  I have always loved kids and wish my mother could be here to enjoy these little ones.  However, they are messy little creatures, and having to come up with graceful ways of keeping it together sometimes seems impossible.  

While my life wasn’t always easy, having a clean home made it seem tolerable.  When I was stressed about something, I would clean!  And, my cleaning was a simple vacuum and dust.  I would clean everything and still do.  I like to think I have relaxed a little, considering I have four kids to tend to.  However, having things cleaned and organized allows me to have the freedom to enjoy these precious times while they are still in the nest.  

Donna is still around and my dad has since retired and enjoys having the grandkids over.  I do, from time to time, go over there and give his home a good once over. 

Cleaning unique items

I love to clean and well, anyone that knows me would agree.  However, sometimes I find that I want to clean things that aren’t your normal.  I do the research on how to clean something up.  With four kids, I have to be thrifty in order to make the budget work.  Finding great finds at garage sales and second-hand stores is the perfect solution.  However, many times those items might have crayons, markets, or other things all over them.  I will take the time and research on how to clean these things properly and share with you fine folks. I want to build a community where you know where to go, should you need something spotless.