How to Clean a Bike Chain

A common way to clean a bike chain is to remove it from the bike, soak it in solvent, and then scrub the chain This method has been used for a long time as the years have changed more and more ways are used to clean bike chains. Most people don’t pay much attention to bicycle chains when cleaning them, because they all look alike. The different ways used to clean a bicycle chain differ on the person cleaning and the type of chain you may have.

Another form of cleaning your bicycle chain is to set the bike up on the rack so you can run the chain through a soaked rag with solvent on it a few times, and then move the chain backward and wipe again until you’ve wiped the entire length of chain. Wipe between the rear sprockets using either a rag or a sprocket cleaning tool. Then clean all of the front chain rings on both sides, and continue till your and the chain is completely clean. this is a simpler way to clean your bike chain without taking the chain off your bike.

The final way you can decide to clean your bike chain if you do not like the first two options is you can remove the chain from the bike. If you do not know how consult an adult who does or take your bike to your local bike shop. Once the chain is off, give it a nice soak in a bucket of soapy water, and once it has had a moment to soak, give it a generous spray of the degreaser and gently but firmly scrub it with a brush till its clean.

If you still aren’t sure how to clean a bike chain, here are a few websites you can go to that show different steps and videos:

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