How to Clean a Hookah

Hookah bars and hookah pipes have become ever so popular these days. Now you can go to a bar and hide away and smoke some of the most aromatic herbs and smoke that is available. If you ever decide to purchase a hookah for your yourself, there are several things that you want to keep in mind. The main one being is the proper upkeep and cleanliness of the hookah. The following are three different ways to clean a hookah.

The most important part to watch for cleanliness in a hookah is the bowl. There is no more difference in the bowl of a hookah than it is with a bong or pipe. The only one being that a hookah bowl is bigger. After repetitive use, the hookah bowl will become caked with old tobacco matter. The more and more that it builds up, the harder it is to be able to smoke through it. It is a good thing to clean the bowl about once a week. Some of these are screw on but there are others where the bowl is completely attached to the hookah. If it unscrews, place the bowl in a sink full of bleach and hot water. Let it sit in the water for about 1 to 2 hours. This will allow the caked material to break up and allow it to be easier to clean. If it is attatched, simply use a rag soaked in bleach and water.

Now on to the hookah hoses. As everyone knows, the hookah gets its popularity due to the hoses that come from the center. The tips are usually made of either some kind of metal or plastic. At a hookah bar, you will be given changable plastic tips. If you are at home, again it is best to use your own tip. As far as metal tips go, again any kind of cleaning solution such as bleach and water will suffice. These tips can also store material so it is always a good thing to have a regular cleaning session, again about once a week.

When it comes to cleaning the hookah itself, any kind of metal cleaner will work. Though this will not have any effect on the smoking experience, keeping the hookah looking nice is always a good thing and hey you will get compliments.

In the end, you can go online or consult with a hookah bar about the proper ways to clean your hookah. It might just thank you for it in more ways than one.

Betsy Cline

Betsy Cline has been a professional house cleaner for 15 years and also a mother of 4 amazing kids (who make lots of messes). She is the founder of How to Clean It and loves to share tips and advice for cleaning up anything life throws at you.

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