How to Clean a Nalgene Bottle

Did you invest in a Nalgene bottle to spare the environment of unnecessary disposable plastic water bottle waste? Good for you! Now let’s cover how to maintain that purchase, which involves only a bit of care. They’re marketed for being virtually indestructible, leaving you with the simple task of cleaning and drying the Nalgene bottle in between uses.

Using the dishwasher

This may be the easiest way to clean your Nalgene bottle. The majority of them are dishwasher-safe, according to the manufacturer, so check your model number to be sure, and then chuck it in and forget about it. You might want to wedge it in the rack upside down so that the bottle gets the full benefit of the wash cycle.

Soaking it in warm, soapy water

You can either throw the water bottle in a sink filled with warm, soapy suds, or you can fill the water bottle itself with a small amount of a mild soap and a lot of warm water. Leave the bottle to soak, shake it a few times, drain of soapy water, rinse, and you’re set! Especially if you use your bottle for water and other non-staining liquids, this method is easy and should do the trick. Washing immediately after use will give you the best results and most peace of mind. Just let it dry before using again.

Getting a Bottle Brush

Buying a soft-bristled bottle brush is another option here. If you want to know that your bottle is really clean, then a brush allows you to gently scour the inner surface of the bottle. This is normally not an option for all Nalgenes due to their shape and the bottleneck opening, so getting a brush is a good idea if you put your bottle through heavy use. Use with warm, soapy water and dry as above.

So, now that you know how easy it is to take care of your Nalgene, go have fun! These bottles are a great way to stay hydrated while also cleaning your conscience, and they’re pretty darn easy to clean, too, even if you’re afraid of germs. Try to get into the routine of carrying one with you wherever you’re going, and it’ll soon become second-nature to you. Trust me, I use mine wherever I go, and cleaning has become far less work than I would have expected. Happy adventures, wherever you may go!

Betsy Cline

Betsy Cline has been a professional house cleaner for 15 years and also a mother of 4 amazing kids (who make lots of messes). She is the founder of How to Clean It and loves to share tips and advice for cleaning up anything life throws at you.

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