How I Clean a Tanning Bed

How to Clean a Tanning Bed

Tanning is a popular activity for people from all walks of life who want to get or maintain a healthy glow all year long, not just during the sunny summer months. For those who are unable to tan using the natural power of the sun, tanning beds are another alternative for that bronzed look. Whether you purchase one for your own use, or are simply using a bed at a salon, keeping the bed clean is a must for sanitary reasons, as well as for the upkeep of your equipment.

After every tanning session, the first thing that should be done is to remove the clear plastic sheets that cover the lamps, also called tanning acrylics. After the acrylics are removed, simply take out the tanning lamps themselves, and wipe down the reflector with a cloth that’s been dampened with cool water. Also wipe down the bulbs and the lamps. The reflector is what makes the light tan the body, so it’s important that it’s free of dust and grime to function at its peak performance. Once everything has been dusted with the cool cloth, dry it completely and reassemble the bed parts.

Next, you should check the cooling fan in the bed, to make sure it’s functioning properly and not in danger of overheating, causing serious damage to you or your customers. The fan is usually found in the ballast tray of most beds, where you should also be checking on a regular basis to make sure the electrical components and cooling fan are free of dust bunnies that could be lurking, waiting to start an electrical fire should there ever be a surge, or some sort of spark. Just open the tray and wipe down the fan in the same manner you did the acrylics and lamps, but once a month you should use a hand vacuum to suck up any dust bits that might have been missed in a simple swipe-and-wipe inspection.

Finally, make sure everything is sanitized properly after cleaning, to reduce the risk of contamination, or infection that might transfer from body to body. You’ll need a pH neutralizing cleaner, so it’s best to use one recommended by a facility that sells tanning supplies, instead of a generic cleaner off the shelf at the local grocery store or mass market. Tanning bed cleaners help keep mildew at bay, as well as deodorize and sanitize surfaces.

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