How to Clean a Tent

How to Clean a Tent

Camping and outdoor activities are a popular pastime for people from all walks of life, young or old, no matter your culture. You can go camping in a variety of climates and environments, and use a multitude of equipment to do so. Some people prefer to camp in a recreational vehicle, or a camper that has many amenities that we’re used to in everyday life. Other people prefer to rough the outdoors, with tents and sleeping bags, harking back to the olden days. However relaxing camping might be, though, equipment does get dirty, especially tents. They come in close contact with the elements more than anything else, besides yourself.

Soap & Water Mix

Depending on what type of material your tent is made of, it’s probably easiest to clean with soap and water. With the tent fully open, use warm water and gentle soap, like dish soap, and a rag or sponge. Run the water and soap all over the tent, paying special attention to the corners and creases, and under any flaps, or around zippers. Rinse with clean water when you’re through washing off dirt and debris, and air dry completely before folding the tent up for storage. This method works well on nylon and plastic tents, as well as some that might have cloth components. You can also lay the tent flat to clean, as well, though it will be harder to really see the areas that need to be cleaned.

Use a Strong Scrub with Cleaning Solution

If your tent is made of a heavy, durable material to endure the elements, it can probably handle a tougher sort of scrub. With the tent fully open and operational, instead of using a sponge or rag to wipe down the tent, try using a gentle scrub brush, like the kind used for dishes or autos. You can still use soap and water to clean the tent, and as before, make sure it’s completely dry before folding for storage; this will eliminate mold and smell when opened again.

Hose Down Your Tent

Another quick option is to hose the tent down with a garden hose, or other type of jet spray. Simply turn the hose on the fully-opened tent, and wash away the grime that has accumulated on the tent. If you need to follow this with hand washing, that’s fine. Make sure the spray isn’t strong enough to damage the tent, and that no additional chemicals have been added to the washing soap mixture.

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