How I Clean an Air Conditioner Unit

How to Clean an Air Conditioner

When it comes to air conditioners, most product problems and breaking are often due to the owners of the air conditioner not keeping up with regular maintenance on the units. Little do some people know, but air conditioners pull in dirt and particles when they suck in air from outside or from in the house. That air is then filtered and processed to create clean cold air which is outlet into the home. When these filters become clogged with dirt and soot, the conditioner becomes less and less effective; this is why cleaning units to maintain their effectiveness without skyrocketing your electric bill is so important. This article will help you learn different ways to clean out your air conditioners properly and gain a cooler home along with a lower electricity bill.

Keep your filters clean

When cleaning a filter you will need to manually remove the filter from the air conditioning unit. You will normally find your air conditioners filters inside of the furnace or air handles. The reason the location differs between different models is due to the fact that air conditioners have wide differentiations between different units for different placements and purposes. Some air conditioning units may even have more than one filter along with different units may have different filter types. Due to the fact that filters may be different the best way to clean your filter is to follow the instructions which came with your air conditioner. If you no longer have the instructions to your air conditioner than the next best option would be to use a website which carries instructions for your specific air conditioning model type.

If there is no source available for cleaning your air conditioner

The best thing to do would be to use fail-safe methods. If you can find and remove your filters than you can remove all dirt and grime from your filters and then you can use a damp cloth which does not drip to clean the surfaces of your filters along with your actual air conditioner. The key to cleaning a filter is to make it so the filter is clean all the way through, if there is still gray lint and dirt inside the filter at a thick extent which you cannot remove you should consider investing in a new filter.

Vacuum Evaporators and Coils

Inside your air conditioner the evaporator and coils can also get severely clogged causing problems with your air conditioner potentially breaking or severely limiting the effectiveness of the air conditioner. To clean you can simply use a light hand vacuum which does not have an excessively rough suction power to avoid damage and you can also hand was remaining debris free using a not dripping damp cloth.

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