How I Clean an Apple Mouse

How to Clean an Apple Mouse

When running into problems with an Apple mouse the most common mouse type which has problems due to dirty and cleaning needs is the Apple Mighty Mouse. The Apple Mighty Mouse has a small scroll ball in the front of the mouse which controls the icon on your computer screen to click on buttons and make one click and double click commands on your apple computer. Being that the mouse functions through the scroll ball, when the mouse becomes dirty the scroll ball may stop working causing the functionality of your whole mouse itself not to work. It’s for that reason we’ve put together some tips on how to clean your apple mouse and keep it working properly.

Scroll Ball And Pressurized Air

Scroll balls on the Apple Mighty Mouse is well known for being easy to collect small particles inside the mouse around the ball where it is near impossible to clean. Since you cannot just reach between the ball and the mouse inside you have to find something which can push out the materials for you. One thing you can do is get a pressurized air can with a long small tube which can push pressurized air in and around the ball and push the particles back out of the mouse through the other side of the ball or out of opposing ends.

Cloth Wiping

If the mouse is simply infected with external dirt and grime from regular handling you can simply wipe down your mouse with a very mildly damp material. You can wet down a cloth and ring this cloth out very well for excess liquid and scrub down your mouse and ball. The reason you must make sure your cloth is not too wet is because if any access liquid gets in through the cracks and crevices of the mouse you risk breaking your mouse all together so you must be very careful.

Last Option: Take It Apart

If the dirt and grime has gotten deep inside your mouse and the only way to make it work is to get inside your mouse and clean it than you will have to do just that. But how do you get into your mouse?

First you must remove the batteries from inside the mouse after turning the mouse off by the on off switch. Next you will have to cut under the ring which goes around the outside of the base of the mouse with a small knife. Do not worry about cutting this ring it can simply be super glued back on and cut again later if needed. After cutting the ring their should be an open gap all around the outside of the mouse, in the front of the gaps their will be two parts which you will need to move to allow the mouse to fully pop open. Once you do that you can clean the affected areas inside your mouse than place everything back together.

Betsy Cline

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