How I Clean an Electric Razor

How to Clean an Electric Razor

There is no exact science to learning how to clean an electric razor. You want to make sure that no matter how you do it, you do so in a very safe manner. It is important that you find a way that is inexpensive and does not break the razor during the process. You could just take a simple wet wash cloth to the electric razor and end up cleaning the electric razor in a fairly popular manner. If you happen to be too disabled to properly clean the electric razor you may be able to find someone who can go over it with a fine tooth comb. You can end up getting frustrated every time you go to clean the razor and end up with the stubble going through the process. You can use an old bristled toothbrush in order to clean that razor. It should be obvious to you that you don’t use a newer toothbrush in this situation given that you could end up breaking the toothbrush.

You don’t want to end up wasting money on a toothbrush as you are cleaning a razor. The manufacturer could design a razor that is easier to self-clean, but in order to get a closer shave you often get a harder time for people to clean an item like a razor. The closer shave option may lead to a dirtier razor, that is just a simple fact. You may actually be able to take a small spray bottle to the electric and just make sure that you don’t spray it too much because it could ruin the effectiveness of the blade. You may want to have your kids clean the electric razor for you, maybe with a toothpick or a comb that could get some of the dirt and grim out of there. If the kid refuses to wash the razor you can consider that as an act of disobedience. The act of disobedience. is something that should be taken seriously and if the child continues to be disobedient you can always threaten not to buy next month’s wrestling Pay Per View for them or threaten to withhold their allowance.

If you really want to clean the electric razor in the simplest way it is fairly easy to run in under hot water in the sink or faucet. That is an extremely old school and mostly ineffective method however and you should find a more modern way to get that stubble out of there.

Betsy Cline

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