How I Clean My Glasses

How to Clean Glasses

Anyone who wears glasses knows how annoying dirty lenses can be to look through. Keeping them clean is easy. Being left dirty, or washing them the wrong way, can be harmful to the lenses. Regular washing, when done properly, will keep your glasses in good condition. The following steps will help you with this.

Get Your Cleaning Supplies

Glasses can be cleaned very nicely with a few basic supplies. Mild soap, or dish washing detergent and warm water will do the trick. A clean cotton towel will be needed to dry them. Professional cleaning sprays can be purchased from your eye doctor or drug store. These are similar to window cleaning products. They normally come in small spray bottles, and they can be handy when traveling. You can also get professional drying cloths. These are a safe choice because they won’t have any abrasive fibers in them. They should be washed weekly in the washing machine. Do not use fabric softeners with the professional cloths. It can leave a film on the material that can damage your lenses. If you have an anti glare coating on your lenses, ask your doctor what products are best for cleaning. Many soaps can ruin the coating.

Clean The Glasses

Hold the frame in one hand. Use your thumb and forefinger to grasp the piece that crosses the bridge of the nose. Get the glasses wet under running water. Use your other hand to rub the lenses in a circular fashion with the soap. Rubbing the soap in your hands first to get it to bubble up will help. Otherwise, it can be hard to rinse the soap off. Using a wet cloth over your hand to wash with will keep the oils from your skin from getting on the lenses. Do not press hard. When finished, rinse with clear water. Avoid hot water. The heat can harm the plastic that many glasses are made of.

The Drying Process

Use a lens cloth or cotton towel to dry them. Use the same method of holding them as you did while washing. Never use paper towels or tissues. These products are made from wood, and they will definitely scratch your lenses. Air drying is not a good idea. You can end up with water spots.

Regular Maintenance

Washing your glasses at least once a day will keep them in top condition. This should help to avoid a build up of dirt and smudges.

Additional Tips and Warnings

Scratch resistant lenses will hold up better than regular lenses. Always keep your glasses in their case when you are not wearing them. Do not wipe your glasses on dry clothing. Dirt can get ground into the lenses.

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