How My Husband Cleans The Gutters

How to Clean Gutters

The main objective of cleaning gutters is to get rid of the dirt and leaves that have accumulated in them. Because of their typical location on the edge of roofs, gutters pose a problem when cleaning: they’re difficult to get to and clean in a comfortable position. Thankfully, many a homeowner has tackled this problem before and come up with some solutions. Below are three ways to clean your gutters:

Using a Ladder

The old-fashioned way to clean your gutters is to use a ladder and some basic cleaning equipment. With a ladder that reaches up to your gutters, you’ll be able to clearly see all the dirt and debris that has piled up inside them. Since you’re so close, you need to just simply scrape it out with your hands (wearing gloves would be preferred) or a basic cleaning utensil. Bringing a hose up on the ladder with you would also be another way to efficiently clean the gutters.

Handling the Gutter Debris form a Ladder

As for all the debris that you collect, there are a couple of ways to handle it. You can attach garbage bags to the ladder in a way that doesn’t throw it off balance. Typically, attaching it to the inside of the ladder is the safest place (on the opposite side from where you’re standing). This way, it’s easy to toss the debris into it as you pull it from the gutters. Don’t overfill the bag and make sure it’s easy to move around when it comes time to move to the next section.

Your other option is to simply toss the debris down on the ground as you clean it out. Throw down a tarp onto the ground beneath the gutter; when you’re done, you can simply fold up the tarp and pour out its contents into one or more garbage bags.

Cleaning gutters from the roof

A second way to clean gutters is to go out on the roof itself. This method works well for flat roofs or for industrial buildings that have gutters. When you walk on the roof, make sure that you have someone else with you just in case you slip. Choose shoes that have rubber heels and wear gloves. Carry a small trowel and scoop the wastes into garbage bags.

Using a Leaf Blow to Clean Out Gutters

A third way on to clean gutters is to use a leaf blower. You will need to cover your face because the dirt will go flying out of the gutters, and you don’t want it going in your mouth. Some gardeners use that method of cleaning out gutters and sweep up the dirt and leaves on the ground. A leaf blower is good to use on a low lying roof gutter but might be a problem on a high roof.

Whichever method you use to clean gutters the tool on how to clean gutters and get rid of toxic waste build up is to flush your gutters with a hose. You can go up on a ladder and lay your hose in the gutter and let if run until the water runs clean. Or you can go from inside the house by reaching your gutters through an open window and pouring a few gallons of water in them.

Betsy Cline

Betsy Cline has been a professional house cleaner for 15 years and also a mother of 4 amazing kids (who make lots of messes). She is the founder of How to Clean It and loves to share tips and advice for cleaning up anything life throws at you.

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