How to Clean Painted Walls

How to Clean Painted Walls

All walls which are in a home inhabited by people get dirty every now and then. But when people pay a lot to have well painted and decorated walls cleaning can be somewhat unappealing for fear of ruining the look of these walls you have paid and worked so hard to achieve. But at the same time not cleaning dirty walls can also ruin the appearance of a nicely painted wall sometimes even permanently if the walls have not been cleaned in a long amount of time. This article will help you learn how to properly clean your walls without having to worry about causing further damage.

Protect your floors

The first thing you want to do before cleaning your walls is to protect your floors from cleaning chemicals along with falling dirt and debris. You would not want your wall cleaning to end in having to clean your floors also especially if you have carpets laid down below the walls which are made from sensitive materials. The best way to protect your floors from chemicals and falling debris would be to cover your floors in materials such as plastic, newspaper, or garbage bags. Any long large material which can simply be rolled up and tossed into the garbage but also strong enough to prevent liquids and dirt from reaching your floor.

Clean without liquids

The next thing you should do when cleaning your walls is to brush all walls with a dry and soft brush to remove all dry and loose dirt from your walls. The more dirt and debris you can knock off of your walls gently the less dirt may get smeared into your walls while scrubbing with liquids and soaps. What the brush cannot remove you can attempt to remove with a soft dry sponge by rubbing the sponge in a downward motion on the wall.

Liquid cleaning

When cleaning the wall for hard to remove dirt and liquids which cannot be removed by using dry materials you will have to use cleaners mixed with water. To do this you should gather yourself a soft sponge or cloth, a medium sized bucket, some soap, and water. Mix a tiny bit of soap with warm water in your bucket and only dip the front half of your sponge into the mixture until your sponge is only slightly wet. Then use this sponge to begin carefully cleaning any leftover dirt and stains. Once your walls have been cleaned simply use a absorbent towel to dry off your walls. You do not want to leave your walls wet because it can ruin the condition of your walls.

Betsy Cline

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