How to Clean Suede

How to Clean Suede

Suede differs in leather in that it does not contain the rougher outer layer of leather, it is the inner leather. It is extremely soft and supple. Like leather it takes special precautions to clean and care must be taken to maintain it for many years to come. Used for clothing, furniture and accessories suede has earned its place as a favorite in many circles but how do you clean it?

Get the Right Cleaning Materials

Maintaining suede will keep it looking good for years to come. It is best to have articles professionally cleaned, however, there are times that is not an option for someone. To begin with, using a clean dry towel rub the article with gentle pressure in one direction to restores it nap, or texture. Small stains or scuffs can be removed at times by simply erasing them. Using a pencil eraser, do as with the towel and rub in one direction. If this does not work it is possible to use a bit of white vinegar applied with a clean white towel and rubbed gently.

Remove dirt with a wire nail brush or specially made suede brush. If the item is caked with dirt brush it gently and always use a clean dry towel, preferably white. For very difficult wear marks it may be necessary to use a small knife, scraping in one direction to return the nap to its normally raised position. Suede brushes can be found at shoe stores or shoe repair businesses.

Use Professional-Grade Cleaners

There are cleaners and de-greasers that are made especially for suede and can be handy in cleaning stubborn stains or scuffs. These are chemicals which can have powerful smells so use caution and air the room out sufficiently. Having your item professionally cleaned, in the end, may be the only way to remove the stain.

It is best to start out on the right foot with your suede upholstery, garment or accessory by carefully applying a suede protector before use. This does not always guarantee that during its lifetime of use it will not be visited by stains or scuffs, however, it may make the cleaning part a bit easier.

Betsy Cline

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