The Salt I Use to Clean My Daughter’s Piercings

A salt wash is one of the best ways to help clean out the piercing and make sure that you are not going to get the area infected and have to take the piercing out. Proper care will help the area to heal so that you can enjoy the new piercing as well. As you work on making your salt wash, you need to be careful about the type of salt that you use in the wash.

But which type of salt will be the best? A non-iodized fine-grain sea salt is going to be one of the best options to use. It does not have any additives and is able to dissolve into the solution easily. It will not aggravate the piercing either.

Make sure you avoid iodized sea salts, Epsom salts, kosher salt, or table salt as these will make the sight of the piercing worse.

Let’s take a closer look at how to clean out your piercing to make sure that it is going to stay clean and will heal nicely.

What Salt Should You Use to Clean Piercings?

You need to be careful with the type of salt that you are going to use for your piercing. The salt wash is going to be a great way to clean out the piercing and make sure that it heals nicely.

You need to avoid things that will have additives or will not dissolve in the solution that you want to use. This means that non-iodized fine-grain sea salt is one of the best options to use. Just do not make the solution too salty, which will irritate the piercing too.

There are a lot of salts on the market that you need to avoid if you do not want to irritate the piercing and making it worse. This means that you need to avoid iodized salts, Epsom salts, kosher salt, and table salt. These do not provide any of the benefits that you want out of cleaning your piercing with the salt and they can actually irritate the area and make an infection more likely.

How to Use a Sea Salt Soak

If you have decided to use this kind of soak to help clean up the area of your piercing and keep it healthy while healing, then there are a few steps that you will need to do for this to work. Some of those steps include:

  • Take 1/8 teaspoon of your chosen salt and add it to half a cup of very warm water.
  • Soak the piercing in this for five minutes. You can use a compress with the solution to do this to make things easier.
  • Do not put too much salt on the area or it could end up irritating the area where the piercing is.
  • Do not do a soak more than two times a day. This is often enough to clean the area and not cause irritation.

And that is all there is to this process. You will be able to keep the area clean with this small amount of solution and care. Allow it some time to dry out when you are done and you are good to go. It is best to never do this more than two times a day. \Test out a small area around the piercing first to make sure that you can clean it well without aggravating it before using the sea salt soak all the time.

Why Should I use a Sea Salt Soak?

Now that we know more about the process of utilizing a sea salt soak, it is time to see some of the benefits. While there are other methods you can use to keep the piercing clean, this method will help to soften up and slowly remove the debris that tends to accumulate there.

Sea Salt can also help relieve some of the inflammation, rinses out that area, and helps the wound be ready to heal. You will need to still follow any of the rules that the piercer gives you, but a sea salt soak can really help.

This method is all-natural to use, which is part of why you will find it is so effective. The right type of salt will just add a bit more cleaning than regular water will be able to do.

Make sure that the salt has a chance to fully dissolve into the water first so it does not aggravate the area while it is healing.

Do Sea Salt Soaks Work for All Piercings

Sea Salt soaks work for all piercings. They will do a great job at helping the body to heal after you do a piercing. They will help to keep the area around the piercing free from debris so that the body can do its work of healing.

You can use a compress with some of the soak on it and hold it to the area where you did the piercing, letting it do a bit of the cleaning and then repeat a few times. This should be enough to keep the area clean.

You should still follow some of the rules that your piercer is giving you as well. They may have a few other steps that you can use to help keep the area clean and ensure that you do not damage the area along the way.

For the most part, you will find that a sea salt soak, as long as it is only used one or two times a day, will be an all-natural way to clean the area and keep yourself safe.

Taking Care of Your Piercing

A sea salt soak is a great way to clean up the piercing and give it a chance to heal naturally so you get the best results. You do need to make sure that you are choosing the right kind of salt to do it in a safe and effective way.

Avoid the salts that have additives or other irritants that may aggravate the situation and make the piercing worse.

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