How I Clean Hearing Aids

Best Way to Clean Hearing Aids

Your hearing aids are an important part of your overall health. When they are clean and working well, you will be able to hear the world around you and can communicate and share in that world with others. When they are dirty, there is the potential that they will not work as well or will get ruined, and that can make it difficult to communicate. But what are the right ways to clean your hearing aids?

To help clean your hearing aids you can start by wiping down the device to remove any earwax and other debris that gets on it. You can use a brush or suction to get the debris that is stuck inside or remove the wax filter when it gets clogged. Then use a hearing aid drying kit.

Taking care of your hearing aid will make it easier to hear and can help give you the crisp audio that you need. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best methods you can use to clean your hearing aids.

What’s the Best Way to Clean Hearing Aids?

There are several methods that you can use in order to clean your hearing aids and get them to last a long time for you. Most of the methods that you can use will be simple to work with. Some of the most efficient methods that you can use to clean your hearing aids include:

Wiping the Hearing Aids

Hearing aids go into your ears, which means that they are likely to collect debris, oil, moisture, and earwax on a daily basis. Hearing aids are going to be located in or on the ear so that they will come into contact with the hair and skin. To help clean all of this off, you can wipe them off.

A dry cloth or clean tissue will be good to help with this task. It is not recommended that you apply any kind of cleaning solution to the device, even alcohol or water. These solutions can cause damage to the device and may make them less likely to work.

Brushing the Hearing Aids

Sometimes your hearing aid will need more than a wiping down to get them cleaned. You may find that some of the debris is going to be hard to remove from around the crevices of the volume wheel and push buttons and the microphone. You may even have some earwax that gets trapped around the device.

You should notice that your hearing aid kit will come with a hearing aid cleaning brush. You can utilize the brush to remove any debris and ear wax that may be stuck and harder to remove. If your kit did not come with one or you lost it, then ask your doctor for some suggestions. For those who need the device cleaned right away, a soft bristle toothbrush can do the work too.

You can also try a special Ear Wax Suction Vacuum.

Changing the Wax Filter in the Hearing Aid

Many hearing aids are going to come with a wax filter protection. The wax filter, which is going to be found behind the speaker and the receiver, is used to prevent and keep wax and other debris from getting further into the speaker or receiver of the hearing aid. You may need to replace this wax filter in order to keep it clean and clear.

There are a few signs that you should look for when it comes time to replace the filter. If you notice that the amplification of the hearing aid is weak or that there is no amplification coming from your hearing aid, then it is time to check the wax filter. Follow the instructions with your hearing aid kit to see the right steps to help you replace the hearing aid filter.

Use the Drying Kit

Hearing aids are designed out of materials that are meant to protect them against moisture and debris.

When you do the proper maintenance and cleaning of the device, you will be able to extend the lifespan of the device. When the hearing aid is exposed to moist conditions, you may need to utilize a hearing aid dryer to help. These dryers are going to remove some of the excess moisture that gets trapped.

There are several types of drying kits that you can choose. Make sure to discuss using it with your doctor ahead of time to ensure that you are using the right one for your hearing aid device.

Maintain Your Hearing Aid

You need to clean your hearing aids each day to make sure they work well and can last a long time. You should get into a routine with doing this to make sure they are in good shape. For example, you can choose to clean them right away when you get up in the morning or at night before you go to sleep.

Another time to clean the hearing aids is when you need to change the batteries. Since you are taking the hearing aids out anyway to change the battery, take a few moments to brush them down and clean them off as you insert the battery.

Overall, when you keep your hearing aids clean, you will find that it extends their lifetime and helps save you money while you get to enjoy the world of hearing. If your hearing aids are not maintained well, it could ruin them and affect the sound quality and speech clarity of the device.

Cleaning Your Hearing Aids to Keep Them Working Well

Your hearing aids help you to hear the world around you. With the right maintenance and cleaning kit, you will be able to take good care of those hearing aids and get them to last for a long time. Consider having these done daily to keep them in the best shape and to prevent moisture and debris from ruining your hearing aid.

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